Alaskans love their coffee, and the Alaska Coffee Roasting Menu has been brewing up the best cups in the Last Frontier for over 20 years. As a long-time barista in the Alaskans’ caffeine scene, I’m excited to walk you through their mouth-watering menu.

From espresso to drip coffee, pastries to pizza, this Juneau coffee spot has something for everyone. Read on with vietnamcoffeebeans for the inside scoop on Alaskans’ Caffeine Roasting’s heritage coffees, food, and more!

Key Takeaways of Alaska Coffee Roasting Menu

  • Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting has been toasting gourmet caffeine beans in Juneau, Alaska for over 20 years. Their commitment to fresh, sustainable caffeine is unmatched.
  • Their cozy cafe in downtown Juneau serves espresso drinks, drip coffee, pastries, pizza, and more in a welcoming Alaskan setting.
  • They supply wholesale caffeine beans to restaurants, hotels, and cafes across Alaska and the world. Online ordering makes Alaska’s best caffeine available anywhere.
  • Joining the Alaskans’ Caffeine Club provides caffeine lovers with monthly bean subscriptions and special promotions.
  • With high-quality beans and proper brewing, anyone can make cafe-quality caffeine at home. Follow their brewing guide for pro tips.

A Coffee Lover’s Paradise in Juneau, Alaska

For over two decades, Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting has been serving hot, fresh caffeine and espresso drinks in Juneau, Alaska. Nestled between towering evergreens and the icy blue waters of the Gastineau Channel, this cozy caffeine shop and toasting facility fills the air with the rich aroma of freshly roasted caffeine beans.

Alaskans’ Caffeine Roasting started as a small toasting company in the late 1990s. We quickly made a name for ourselves by sourcing high-quality, sustainable caffeine beans from around the world and toasting them to perfection right here in Juneau, Alaska.

A Coffee Lover's Paradise in Juneau, Alaska

Our Commitment to Fresh, Delicious Coffee

From day one, our mission has been to serve the freshest, tastiest caffeine possible. We source only the top 1% of specialty-grade Arabica caffeine beans, then carefully roast them in small batches to bring out their inherent flavors.

Our seasoned team of roasters uses state-of-the-art equipment to monitor the coffee roasting temperature and time closely, making tiny adjustments to unlock each coffee’s unique character, unlike roasting coffee beans with a popcorn popper.

The result is a smooth, balanced cup bursting with flavor. Our loyal customers keep coming back for our rich, complex blends like Glacier Blend and Borealis French Roast. We also offer over a dozen constantly rotating single-origin and heritage coffees to appeal to every palate.

The coffee beans to be used for roasting are always roasted within days of being served and brewed to order for peak flavor.

A Cozy Cafe with Alaskan Hospitality

In addition to operating a wholesale caffeine-toasting facility, we also run a charming cafe in downtown Juneau. Our historic cafe interior provides the perfect backdrop for sampling our coffees, with exposed brick walls, comfy leather sofas, and local art adorning the walls.

The atmosphere is unbeatably warm and welcoming. Our friendly baristas take time to chat with customers while preparing each beverage by hand. On a cold Juneau morning, a few things beat sipping a creamy cappuccino by our fireplace.

Our cafe also serves a full espresso bar and drip caffeine menu using our freshly roasted beans. Customers love our specialty drinks like the Glacier Mocha, crafted with homemade chocolate sauce and topped with fresh whipped cream. We also offer iced coffee, cold brew, pour-overs, and more brewing methods. Tea, hot chocolate, and Italian sodas round out the menu for non-coffee drinkers.

More Than Just Coffee: Pastries, Lunch, and More

While the caffeine might be our star, Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting also serves up tasty food to satisfy any appetite. Our pastry case overflows with giant cinnamon rolls, flaky croissants, and fruit-filled muffins baked fresh each morning. Savorylunch options include paninis, salads, and soups made in-house, using Alaskan ingredients whenever possible.

We even have a full-service pizza cafe connected to our main caffeine shop! Featuring heart-baked pizzas, calzones, and classic Italian appetizers, this is a popular lunch and dinner spot for Juneau locals and visitors alike. There’s no better way to finish off a piping hot slice than with a creamy affogato or espresso next door.

Our Juneau cafe has earned rave reviews on TripAdvisor for our friendly service, cozy ambiance, and excellent caffeine and food. Customers particularly recommend our espresso drinks, pizza, and chai lattes. Whether you need a quick breakfast, a warm lunch spot, or just a peaceful place to sip caffeine by the fire, Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting has you covered.

Alaskans' Caffeine Toasting also serves up tasty food

Bringing Juneau Coffee to the World

While our cafe serves as the heart and soul of Alaskans’ Caffeine Roasting, we’re excited to share our Alaskan caffeine across the globe. Our wholesale caffeine sales have steadily grown over the past decade as restaurants, cafes, hotels, and caffeine shops realize how special our beans are.

Top restaurants in cities like Miami, Fairbanks, and beyond proudly serve Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting beans. We even supply caffeine to remote lodges only accessible by train, boat, or plane! Our website makes it easy to buy Alaskans’ caffeine online and have it shipped anywhere nationwide.

As connoisseurs of Alaskans’ caffeine ourselves, we created the Alaskans’ Caffeine Club to share our passion with other enthusiasts. Club members enjoy a monthly caffeine subscription, brewing tips, and discounts on Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting merchandise. Our quarterly gift card promotions are also popular for spreading Alaskans’ caffeine love to family and friends.

Brewing the Perfect Cup at Home

One reason our wholesale and online caffeine sales have taken off is that Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting beans make it so easy for anyone to become a caffeine expert. Follow my guide below to unlock the secrets of brewing our beans at home with the science of coffee bean roasting:

  • Start with quality beans – Our specialty-grade beans are optimized for DIY brewing right out of the bag. Choose a medium or dark roast to showcase coffee’s inherent flavors.
  • Grind just before brewing – Use a burr grinder to freshly grind beans right before brewing. This maximizes aroma and taste.
  • Mind your ratios – Follow the suggested coffee-to-water ratios for your brewing method. More ground coffee = stronger flavor.
  • Heat water to 195-205°F – Properly heated water extracts the most flavor from ground coffee. Boil then cool hot water before pouring.
  • Bloom the grounds – Pour a bit of hot water over the grounds and let sit for 30-45 seconds. This unlocks flavor and aromas.
  • Time your brew – Brew for the recommended time according to your preferred method (pour-over, French press, etc.). Timing prevents over/under-extraction.
  • Use filtered water – Filtered, bottled, or distilled water results in cleaner flavor vs. tap water.

Follow those tips and you’ll be brewing cafe-quality coffee at your house every morning! For more detailed brewing instructions, visit our Brewing Guide.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of coffee at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our main cafe and toasting facility is located at 124 S Franklin St, Juneau, AK 99801. We have two coffee carts downtown and a pizza cafe attached to our shop as well.

A: Our Juneau cafe is open 7 days a week from 6 am – 7 pm. Our pizza cafe hours are 11 am – 9 pm daily. Coffee cart hours vary seasonally.

A: Yes! We ship our roasted coffee beans to anywhere in the USA via USPS Priority Mail. Orders over $60 ship free.

A: Just visit our Alaskans’ Caffeine Club page to view membership levels and frequently asked questions. You can sign up for a subscription easily online.

A: We source 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans from farms in Africa, Central/South America, and Southeast Asia. Our blends contain beans from multiple regions.


As a long-time barista and coffee-lover, I hope I’ve conveyed why Alaskans’ Caffeine Toasting stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Juneau. Their unwavering commitment to the craft of coffee toasting shines through in every freshly brewed cup.

Beyond their incredible coffee drinks, they provide a welcoming second home for Juneau locals and visitors alike. There’s no better place for warming up with an espresso by the fire or catching up with friends over pizza next door.

Even customers nationwide can experience a taste of Alaska through their coffee subscriptions showcasing new roasts every month. The next time you’re craving an expertly crafted cup of coffee, look no further than Alaskans’ Caffeine Roasting. Just one sip and you’ll be hooked!

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