Have you ever wondered how your daily cup of coffee goes from a humble bean to an aromatic, flavorful brew? Get an in-depth look at commercial coffee grilling on an exclusive Coffee Roasting Tour.

Experience the fascinating world of coffee production with our insider’s coffee grilling tour. Located in the heart of the south, our open-roof lanai allows you to witness the entire coffee grilling procedure firsthand. Our knowledgeable instructs will take you on a mile-long journey through our fields and certify you as a coffee aficionado.

After the tour, you can take home your very own bag of freshly grilled coffee. We also offer the opportunity to see the beautiful coffee blossoms during the harvest season. Join us on Mondays when our tours start and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of coffee. 


  • Learn about different coffee grilling methods and equipment from an expert.
  • Flavor freshly toasted coffee and appreciate the complex flavors.
  • Gain insight into sourcing, blending, and profiling coffee beans.
  • Roasters share their passion and knowledge throughout the interactive excursion.
  • An immersive experience for coffee lovers to nerd out and indulge their curiosity.

I’ve been directing specialized coffee excursions for over 10 years. In that time, I’ve helped thousands of coffee enthusiasts expand their knowledge and appreciation of this beloved beverage. If you want to go beyond the coffee shop and get a true insider’s view of commercial coffee production, join me for an enlightening excursion.

Benefits of air roasting for coffee beans include enhancing the natural flavors and unique characteristics of the coffee beans, leading to a cleaner and more consistent taste without burnt flavors from conventional roasting.

The Coffee Roasting Tour Procedure

Coffee grilling is a complex art and science. When done right, it unlocks a bean’s fullest flavor potential. Grilling progresses through three main stages:


Once raw green coffee beans enter the roaster, the internal temperature reaches roughly 400°F. Moisture evaporates from the bean, causing cracks and pops. Drying lasts 8-10 minutes.

At the private visitor center in Hawaiian, directed excursions of the Mauna Loa drying procedure are offered. Open on Mondays, visitors can discover about the meticulous procedure of drying the 100% Arabica beans. The high quality of the beans truly enhances the flavor of every sip and exudes the true spirit of aloha. 

The Coffee Roasting Tour Procedure


As the beans approach 400°F, their sugars begin caramelizing. This browning reaction builds the foundation of the coffee’s flavor. The beans will double in size.

Browning is a unique public park located in Hawaii. It covers over a mile of lush greenery and is open to the public from Monday to Saturday. My favorite thing to do at Browning is to spend the day exploring the orchard and enjoying the scenic views from the slope. It’s the perfect location for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or to relax and enjoy a drink. I highly recommend a visit to Browning for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of Hawaii.


In the final stage, the beans reach 435-455°F. Oils migrate to the surface, bringing out the bean’s inherent flavors. The sugars, acids, and caffeine develop into the complex coffee flavor.

Grilling MethodDescriptionFlavor Impact
DrumRotating drum evenly heats beansBalanced, consistent
AirHot air grills beans in chamberBright, fruity notes
Fluid BedHot air through perforated plateUniform, flexible

Developing involves serving the needs of a growing population. With the rise in demand for food, it becomes essential to develop efficient farming techniques to grow crops and plants. In the context of the coffee industry, developing includes establishing sustainable coffee farms near volcanoes and setting up roasteries to serve customers with freshly brewed coffee.


Flavor the Fresh GrillsDifference

The highlight of any grilling excursion is tasting the beans fresh out of the roaster.

The freshly grilled coffee will be hot and fragrant, bursting with aromatics. The flavors will be bright and vibrant. Taste-testing coffee this fresh allows you to fully appreciate the nuances and complexity. It’s an irreplaceable experience for any coffee lover.

As the excursion instruct, I take pride in letting visitors flavor our skillfully grilled coffees. This flavor directly from the origin can’t be replicated at your local cafe or grocery store. You’ll be enjoying 5-7 day old coffee, not 5-7 week old stale grocery store beans!

Flavor the Fresh GrillsDifference

Medium roast is known for striking a perfect balance between the bright acidity of light roasts and the deep flavors of dark roast coffee. It offers a more complex flavor profile that is often described as well-rounded and smooth.

Commercial Roasting Equipment

On the excursion, you’ll get up close with our heavy-duty roasting equipment. The scale of commercial equipment is radically different than home setups.

Our Diedrich IR-12 drum coffee roaster can roast 75 lbs per batch. It meticulously converts our green beans into skillfully grilled coffee, batch after batch.

Commercial Roasting Equipment

Our destoner removes dense stones and debris before roasting. The commercial grinders then crush the roasted beans to various sizes. Imagine a symphony of flavors dancing on your taste buds, like a perfectly orchestrated melody. That’s the magic of Espresso Roast Coffee. As a coffee aficionado,

You’ll gain insight into how each machinery piece plays a role in crafting exceptional coffee. This behind-the-scenes access reveals the true scale and science of commercial coffee production.

Meeting Our Master Roaster

I always enjoy introducing excursion groups to our talented head roaster and coffee expert.

With over 15 years of experience, he oversees our entire roasting operation. He can cup and identify any coffee’s flavor-testing notes and knows exactly how to roast each bean for optimal flavor.

His passion and knowledge make him an outstanding educator. He explains technical details in simple terms and welcomes any coffee question you can think of!

Meeting Our Master Roaster

Learning from a dedicated coffee master like him is a privilege. You’ll get to pick his brain and have your coffee questions answered by a true insider.

At our shop, we had the pleasure of meeting our master roaster. He has years of experience and knowledge in the art of coffee grilling. His passion and expertise truly shine as he carefully selects and roasts the finest beans from our plantation. Our team is fortunate to have him instruct us in creating the perfect cup of coffee for our customers.

In-Depth Coffee Education

The excursion provides an immersive coffee education covering topics like:

  • Bean origin and profiles
  • Roasting chemistry
  • Blending for balance
  • Cupping and flavor-testing

As your guide, I explain each topic in an accessible way – no prior coffee knowledge required!

In-Depth Coffee Education

You’ll gain a holistic understanding of what goes into producing great coffee. I share my insider tips so you can become a coffee expert.

If you’re looking for a smooth and rich coffee experience, Espresso roast is the way to go!


What’s Included In The Excursion?

The 2-hour excursion includes meeting our roaster, viewing the equipment, learning about the roasting procedure, and flavor-testingfreshly grilled coffee.

What Coffee Education Is Provided?

You’ll learn all about bean sourcing, roasting methods, coffee chemistry, cupping, and more from industry experts.

Can I Take Photos/Videos?

Yes! Photographs and videos are encouraged on the excursion to capture the experience.

What Coffee Will I Be Flavor-Testing?

You’ll sample 3-4 selections like single origin, espresso, and seasonal blends. The exact coffees depend on the day’s roasting schedule.

How Much Coffee Knowledge Do I Need?

All levels are welcome – the excursion is perfect for both casual coffee drinkers and lifelong aficionados. Our instructs expertly explain each topic.

An Irreplaceable Coffee Adventure

Experiencing an authentic behind-the-scenes coffee grilling excursion is a uniquely enriching adventure. You’ll gain hands-on knowledge of commercial coffee production while flavor-testing exquisite freshly roasted coffee.

Seeing the roasting process and equipment up close provides an immersive education you simply can’t find elsewhere. And sampling our skillfully roasted coffee is a luxurious treat for your flavor buds.

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