Heartwood Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee company located in the heart of Hudson, Ohio. As a coffee aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the industry, I’m excited to provide an in-depth look at this exceptional local roaster. From their sourcing and roasting methods to their delicious blends and single origins, this article will cover everything you need to know about Heartwood Café

If you’re a coffee lover in Cleveland, Ohio, you must check out Heartwood Café Roasters. Their Facebook page is filled with stunning photos of their coffee creations that will make any caffeine enthusiast drool. With an average rating of five stars, it’s clear that Heartwood is loved by their customers. They frequently update their page with new coffee blends and promotions, keeping their followers excited and engaged. Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Heartwood also has a branch in Hudson, OH.

With a quick four-hour drive, coffee enthusiasts from all over can easily make a intro trip to experience the love and passion that goes into every cup at Heartwood Café Roasters. Their menu features a variety of coffee drinks made with high-quality beans roasted in-house. Customers rave about the additional cafe food options as well. With free wi-fi and a relaxing lake view, Heartwood is the perfect spot to spend the day chatting with friends or getting some work done over exceptional coffee.


  • Heartwood Coffee Roasters, a renowned name in the specialty coffee industry, stands out for its commitment to quality and sustainability.
  • Founded in a quaint neighborhood, Heartwood has grown into a beloved community landmark. Their coffee, sourced from ethical farms worldwide, showcases a range of exquisite flavors and aromas.
  • The team at Heartwood, experts in their craft, takes pride in every batch they roast, ensuring a perfect cup every time.
  • Regular customers praise not only the coffee but also the warm, inviting ambiance of their cafes. Heartwood continues to innovate, offering workshops and tastings that delight coffee enthusiasts.
  • This dedication to excellence and community engagement makes Heartwood Coffee Roasters a standout destination for coffee lovers.

 In Chagrin Falls, there are 5 restaurants that usually amaze me with their delicious food and cozy ambiance. One of them is my favorite coffee spot, where I always order a vanilla latte paired with gluten-free toast. The staff is friendly and the 4 star review is well-deserved. Spending an hour there sipping my hot beverage and enjoying the warm bread brings me joy. In my opinion, these restaurants help the community grow together by offering tasty options for everyone’s dietary needs and preferences.

Overview about Heartwood Coffee Roasters

As a locally owned and operated small business, Heartwood Café takes immense pride in their craft. They see coffee as an artisanal food product and focus on quality, sustainability, and community.


Heartwood sources all their coffee directly from farms around the world, establishing long-term partnerships with growers. This allows them to purchase exceptional coffee at prices that support sustainable livelihoods for these farmers.

The coffees are traced back to their origin, with details on the farmers, elevation, processing method, and tasting notes provided. Heartwood buys micro-lots, which are small batches from single farms that showcase unique flavor profiles. This highlights the terroir and individuality of each coffee.


Every batch of coffee is meticulously profile roasted by Heartwood’s experienced team of roasters. This involves carefully adjusting the temperature and time throughout the roasting process to bring out the optimal flavors and aromas inherent in each coffee. The coffee bean roasting process is crucial in determining the flavor of the brewed coffee

Overview about Heartwood Coffee Roasters

They tailor their approach to the particular attributes of each origin, fine-tuning the roast to complement natural flavors like fruit sweetness or rich chocolate notes. Small batch roasting also ensures consistent quality and freshness.


In addition to sourcing directly from farmers, Heartwood engages in initiatives that promote sustainability in coffee farming communities. For example:

  • They associate with growers in Sumatra to preserve forested elephant habitats.
  • In Guatemala, they work with a women-led cooperative that reinvests profits in healthcare clinics and schools.
  • Many of their coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified.

By supporting sustainable practices at origin, Heartwood helps ensure the future supply of exceptional specialty coffee.

With over 15 years of experience and exceptional reviews, Heartwood Café Roasters is regarded as one of the best coffee roasters in Ohio. Customers rave about their delicious blends and single origin coffees that showcase unique flavors. If you’re ever in the Cleveland or Hudson area, be sure to stop by this gem of a cafe and try their incredible coffee for yourself.

Heartwood Coffee Order online Steps

  1. Go to Heartwoodcoffee homepage
  2. Hover over the “Shop” menu item in the top navigation bar and select “Coffee” from the dropdown
  3. Browse or search for the type of coffee you would like to order (e.g. espresso, cold brew, single origin beans etc.)
  4. Once you’ve found a coffee to order, click on the product and select your grind type if applicable (e.g. whole bean, fine, coarse)
  5. Select the quantity in pounds or bags. You may be able to subscribe to auto-delivery if desired.
  6. Click “Add to Cart“. When ready, click on the shopping cart icon at the upper right corner of the screen and click “Proceed to Checkout“.
  7. If you are an existing customer, enter your email and password to login. If new, select the option to checkout as a guest or create an account.
  8. Enter your shipping address and billing information if not logged in. Select shipping method.
  9. Enter payment card details and security code.
  10. Review the order for accuracy and click “Place Order“.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email with details and tracking status once shipped.

Exceptional Blends & Single Origins

The skilled roasters at Heartwood create complex and nuanced blends as well as highlight distinctive single origin coffees. Here are some of their standout offerings.

There are many restaurants in Chagrin Falls that offer a variety of delicious meals. One of my favorite places to eat is a café that serves amazing avocado toast and oat milk lattes. The food is definitely worth the visit, and I love this place because of its great atmosphere.

They even sell cool merch that you can find on their Instagram page. The customer service is top-notch, and it reminds me of the friendly service I experienced in Chicago. The café is huge and located in the heart of the county, with a stunning view of the orange sunset from the front. I only wish they had more seating options available.


Heartwood House Blend

A lively and approachable medium roast blend with notes of honeyed nut, red apple, and milk chocolate. Well-balanced with a smooth body. Their most popular everyday drinking coffee.

Velvet Hammer

A rich, dark roast blend with bold chocolate and roasted nut flavors, hints of caramel, and a velvety mouthfeel. Satisfying intensity that isn’t overpowering.

Portland Rain

A balanced, medium-light roast blend with delicate fruit notes of peach, red berry, and citrus. Bright and complex for sippers who like fruity coffees.

Exceptional Blends and Single Origins

Single Origins

Ethiopia Ardi

Grown in the Wenago region at over 6,000 feet elevation. Intense and exotic with vibrant notes of Satsuma mandarin, bergamot, and black tea. Juicy and complex.

Guatemala La Bolsa

A candy-sweet coffee with flavors of brown sugar, roasted almond, and red grape. Silky body with a clean, candied finish.

Sumatra Tano Batak

Full-bodied with earthy, herbal flavors of tobacco, cedar, and clove. A hearty, rustic coffee that pairs nicely with milk.

Colombia San Isidro

Grown by a women-led cooperative in Huila. Notes of bittersweet chocolate, roasted peanut, and nectarine. Elegant structure with a lush, lingering finish.

No matter your flavor preferences, Heartwood has an exceptional coffee to intrigue your palate. Their skillful roasting draws out the best qualities of these diverse beans.

Café Brewing Up Community

In addition to their roastery and wholesale operations, Heartwood Coffee has two charming cafés in Portland that serve as community hubs.

The Eastside location occupies a historic 1920s building with abundant natural light, original hardwood floors, and an inviting backyard patio. The Pearl District café has an airy, modern ambience with details like hand-painted tiles and a custom mural that evokes the Pacific Northwest landscape.

Both cafés offer ideal spots to meet friends, have a business meeting, or simply relax with a great cup of coffee. The baristas prepare everything from classic espresso beverages to pour overs and cold infuses, with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

You can watch them pulling shots on a batch infuse La Marzocco or hand-grinding beans for a Chemex. The cafés showcase Heartwood’s own exceptional roasted coffees, so you can experience these beans at peak flavor.

Café Brewing Up Community

Beyond the coffee and atmosphere, these cafés build community. As a B-Corp certified business, Heartwood makes social and environmental responsibility core to their mission.

They partner with many local food vendors and allow neighborhood artists to exhibit work. You may catch live music events or coffee education classes in their community space. Through their cafés, roastery, and wholesale partners, Heartwood Café Roasters craft exceptional coffee experiences that bring people together.

The grilling process has a rich history dating back to Africa and the Middle East. Grilling companies have perfected the art of balancing heat and time to bring out the best flavors in coffee beans. In drum roasters, beans are placed in a rotating drum where they tumble and evenly grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things that make Heartwood Café exceptionally special.
For starters, this local Ohio coffee roastery has amassed rave reviews from customers who say Heartwood serves the best coffee they’ve ever had. With over 7 years of experience sourcing, roasting, and brewing high-quality coffee beans, Heartwood has perfected their craft. Their dedication shows – people can’t stop talking about their delicious blends and distinct single origin coffees that capture unique flavors from around the world.
Beyond their standout coffee menu that coffee aficionados adore, Heartwood Café strives to operate sustainably and give back when they can. As an LLC, they partner with nonprofits and donate a portion of profits to important causes within their Ohio community. Their gluten-free treats have also been a welcome addition for many patrons.
With a cozy, inviting space and friendly baristas, it’s no wonder over 500 Facebook users have liked Heartwood Café. So whether you live nearby or are just passing through the Hudson, OH area, make sure to stop by this gem of a café for a coffee experience you won’t soon forget!

They have two cafés in Portland. The Eastside café is at 2211 NE Oregon St. The Pearl District café is at 3737 N Mississippi Ave. Both serve their full range of roasted coffee.

The cafés offer espresso beverages, pour over coffee, cold infuse, and more. They also have tea, hot chocolate, and baked goods like muffins and scones. You’ll find artisanal food options from local vendors as well.

Beyond their cafés, you can find Heartwood Café at many restaurants, markets, and coffee shops throughout Portland. They also ship coffee nationwide through their online store.

From sourcing to roasting, they focus on environmental sustainability. This includes direct trade, forest conservation programs, renewable energy in their roasting facility, recycling, and more.


With their exemplary sourcing, roasting, cafés, and commitment to sustainability, Heartwood Café Roasters stands as one of Portland’s most outstanding coffee companies.

They provide an exceptional specialty coffee experience through expertise from bean to cup. Whether you’re sipping their nuanced Colombia San Isidro at home or meeting a friend at their Pearl café, Heartwood delivers quality and care.

Next time you’re in Portland, head to Heartwood Café to taste some of the city’s best artisanal coffee, crafted with respect for both farmers and the environment. You’ll come for the incredible coffee but stay for the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

For coffee lovers, Heartwood Roasters is a must-visit destination and the embodiment of the vibrant Portland coffee scene. Hope you get useful information from the article, If you want to read other article or want to read more about coffee beans, please visit the website: vietnamcoffeebeans

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