Kaladi Coffee Roasters is known for its high-quality, fresh-roasted coffee sourced directly from farmers around the world. As a specialty coffee roaster based in Anchorage, Alaska, Kaladi has become a local favorite thanks to its delicious blends, ethical sourcing practices, and cozy cafes.

Kaladi Coffee Roasters, renowned for their artisanal approach, crafts exceptional coffee blends that captivate the palates of coffee enthusiasts. In their commitment to quality, Kaladisourcesbeans from sustainable farms globally, ensuring each cup reflects a journey of rich flavors and ethical practices.

The heart of their operation, a state-of-the-art roastery, employs innovative roasting techniques to unlock the unique profiles of each bean. Beyond coffee production, Kaladi actively engages in community events, fostering a culture of coffee appreciation and local support.

Their baristas, well-versed in the art of coffee, provide customers with not just a drink, but a comprehensive coffee experience, educating them about the nuances of coffee brewing and tasting. Kaladi Coffee Roasters isn’t just a brand; it’s a hub for coffee education and a testament to the rich tapestry of coffee culture.


  • Kaladi Coffee was founded in Anchorage, Alaska in 1986 and now has 9 cafes across Alaska.
  • They source high-quality green coffee beans directly from farms and cooperatives around the world.
  • Kaladi is dedicated to ethical and sustainable sourcing through direct relationships with farmers.
  • They roast coffee fresh daily in small batches and do not use flavored additives or sweeteners.
  • Popular mixes include Brother’s Mix, Sisters Mix, and Midnight Sun Espresso.
  • Kaladi cafes provide a welcoming, laidback environment to enjoy coffee drinks, pastries, breakfast, and lunch.

A Little History

I first learned about Kaladi Café Roasters when I visited Anchorage back in the 1990s and was craving a great cup of coffee. I stumbled upon their little cafe on Benson Boulevard and was immediately impressed with the quality and care put into their coffee.

Kaladi Coffee was founded in 1986 by the Rogers family, who named it after the Kaladi River in Alaska. They started as a small kiosk in Anchorage, sourcing high-quality coffee beans and roasting them in small batches daily. The Rogers’ focus on quality and customer service quickly earned them a following in Anchorage.

In the 1990s, Kaladi Coffee began expanding beyond its original kiosk to open full-scale cafes focused on providing a welcoming neighborhood gathering spot as well as delicious coffee. Today, Kaladi Coffee has 9 locations across Anchorage, Eagle River, and Seward, Alaska.

Sourcing Top Quality Coffee Beans

One thing that sets Kaladi Coffee apart is its commitment to sourcing only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. They buy specialty-grade green coffee beans directly from farms and cooperatives, cultivating personal relationships with growers.

Kaladi’s direct trade practices ensure that farmers are paid fairly for their crops. They often pay above-fair trade prices to support sustainable livelihoods for these growers. Their overall goal is to establish a trusting, mutually beneficial partnership.

Sourcing Top Quality Coffee Beans

The green coffee beans are sourced from various regions known for high-quality coffee including Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. Some specific origins include:

  • Sumatra Mandheling
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu
  • Rwanda
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Peru Organic

By sourcing directly from small farms focused on quality, Kaladi can select the finest coffee beans to craft into a delicious mix.

Freshly Roasted in Alaska

Once the green coffee beans arrive at Kaladi’s headquarters in Anchorage, they are carefully roasted in small batches to maximize flavor. They roast coffee daily so it is always fresh.

Kaladi uses a lighter roast profile to highlight the natural flavors inherent in high-quality coffee beans. Their skilled roasters are very hands-on, closely monitoring each batch to determine the ideal roast level. Batches are kept small, no more than 45 lbs at a time, for optimal consistency.

All roasting is done at their Anchorage headquarters, even for their cafes in other Alaskan cities. This ensures that no matter which Kaladi location you visit, you’ll be getting coffee roasted fresh that day. They do not roast beans in advance or send out pre-packaged mixes.

You can often smell the enticing aroma of fresh roasting when you walk into a Kaladi cafe. It’s clear that great care and expertise go into coaxing the best flavors out of every batch. If you’re looking for a unique coffee experience, you should definitely try coffee at Roasting Plant.

Kaladi’s Delicious Mix and Single Origin Coffees

Kaladi Coffee offers a menu of proprietary coffee mixes as well as rotating single-origin coffees. Their skilled roasters mix coffees to create balanced, complex flavors that showcase the unique character of each bean.

Here are some of Kaladi’s most popular coffee mixes:

  • Brothers mix – A mellow, medium roast mix of Latin American coffees. Well-balanced with mild acidity.
  • Sisters mix – A mix of Indonesian and Latin American beans creating a smooth, richly flavored coffee.
  • Midnight Sun Espresso – A medium-dark roasted mix of Central and South American beans creates a bold but smooth espresso.
  • Toffee Crunch – A specialty mix combining Indonesian, African, and Latin American coffees with a touch of organic caramel for depth.
Kaladi's Delicious mixs and Single Origin Coffees

In addition to their signature mix, Kaladi rotates through various single-origin coffees sourced from specific farms. These showcase unique varietals and terroir. Current offerings include coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Sumatra.

No extra flavorings or sweeteners are added – the excellent beans speak for themselves!

Review Kaladi Coffee roasters Experience

Beyond great coffee, the Kaladi cafes provide a welcoming, laid-back hangout. There’s usually an eclectic mix of students, professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts chatting over coffee. You can tell Kaladi is a beloved neighborhood spot.

The cafes have an artsy, rustic vibe with fun details like chairlift seats for stools and trail maps on the walls. Lots of wood, exposed brick, and Alaska-inspired art create a warm, inviting space.

Kaladi serves espresso and drip coffee drinks along with batch-brewed coffee. Favorites include lattes, mochas, macchiatos, and seasonal specialties like peppermint mochas. You can customize your drink with choices of milk from dairy to oats to soy.

Beyond excellent coffee, they offer freshly baked pastries, bagels, panini sandwiches, granola, yogurt, and more. Their bakery and kitchen make tasty breakfast and lunch fare to fuel your Alaskan adventures.

Outdoor seating is available when weather permits – which is especially nice during Alaska’s long summer days. Free wifi and outlets allow for getting work done over coffee.

Some locations also host live music evenings where you can listen to local Alaskan artists while enjoying an evening of coffee beer and wine. Check their events calendar online.

Wherever you’re headed in Anchorage or Southcentral Alaska, Kaladi Coffee makes for the perfect coffee break. Sip a latte fireside or grab a batch of brewed coffee to go from their drive-thru.

Kaladi Coffee’s Commitment to Quality and Community

As a local Alaskan company, Kaladi Coffee takes pride in positively impacting both local and global communities.

Sustainability is a core focus. Their direct trade model provides economic support for small coffee farmers worldwide. Energy-efficient equipment, recycling practices, and biodegradable/compostable packaging reduce environmental impact. Solar panels help power their Anchorage roasting facility.

Kaladi Coffee's Commitment to Quality and Community

Locally, Kaladi is dedicated to nonprofit partnerships that improve lives in Alaska. They support organizations addressing homelessness, health services, education, cultural programs, and more through coffee and monetary donations as well as volunteering.

Kaladi Café Roasters has grown from a single kiosk to a beloved Alaskan specialty roaster and cafe, but their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community remains unchanged. They’ve helped share the joy of incredible coffee with Anchorage and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Here are answers to some common questions about Kaladi Café Roasters’ history, coffee sourcing and roasting, their cafes, and more:

How did Kaladi Coffee obtain its name?

Kaladi is named after the Kaladi River near Anchorage. The river was supposedly named by a Russian explorer in the early 1800s.

Does Kaladi roast decaf coffee?

Yes, Kaladi roasts a Swiss Water Process decaf mix called Dreamer’s mix. It is chemical-free decaffeination.

Where does Kaladi source their green coffee beans from?

They import beans from coffee-growing regions around the world such as Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia.

What food is served at Kaladi Coffee cafes?

Kaladi cafes serve fresh pastries, bagels, panini sandwiches, yogurt, granola, and more. Their kitchen makes tasty breakfast and lunch options.

Can you buy Kaladi coffee online?

Yes, you can order Kaladi coffee beans, ground coffee, and K-cups online via their website. They’ll ship anywhere in the US.

Does Kaladi Coffee offer coffee subscriptions?

Yes, you can sign up for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coffee subscription. You choose your preferred roast & grind.


For over 35 years, Kaladi Café Roasters has been sharing high-quality coffee and community spaces with Anchorage and beyond in Alaska. Their commitment to sourcing delicious coffee beans directly from farmers, carefully crafting each batch by hand, and creating welcoming neighborhood hangouts has earned them a special spot in Alaskans’ hearts. Stop by one of their comfy cafes or brew Kaladi coffee at home for a true taste of Alaska.

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