As a long-time caffeine enthusiast and industry veteran, I’m always on the lookout for brands that are truly innovating the caffeine experience. That’s why I was so excited when I first discovered The Roasting Plant Coffee – a New York-based caffeine company that has perfected the art and science of caffeine toasting.

In this vietnamcoffeebeans article, I’ll share my experience and impressions of this exceptional caffeine brand.

Key Takeaways

  • The Roasting Plant uses patented Javabot technology to customize roast every batch of grains to perfection. This ensures consistent, high-quality flavor in every cup.
  • They source top specialty caffeine grains from around the world, then optimally roast them in small batches to maximize flavor.
  • The brand has expanded to multiple locations, but keeps an artisanal, farm-to-cup focus.
  • Their unique caffeine blends and single-origin offerings cater to all tastes – from light and fruity to rich and chocolatey.
  • The Roasting Plant shops provide a hip, high-end cafe experience focused on showcasing the nuances of each coffee’s flavor.

My First Taste of The Roasting Plant Coffee

I first discovered The Roasting Plant a few years ago while shopping at the fresh market caffeine shop in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. As I walked past, the rich, intoxicating aroma of fresh-roasted caffeine grains pulled me in.

Inside, I was amazed to see the dynamic caffeine-toasting system they’ve dubbed “Javabot” in action. These patented machines can custom roast each batch of grains to precise specifications, optimizing every roast for maximum flavor.

I ordered a fresh cup brewed from their House Blend and was blown away by the complex yet perfectly balanced flavors. I’d found a new favorite local caffeine shop!

My First Taste of The Roasting Plant Coffee

Roasting Coffee to Perfection with Javabot Technology

As a long-time barista and roaster, I was fascinated by the Javabot toasting machines that set The Roasting Plant apart. Owner Mike Caswell partnered with former NASA engineers to develop this innovative system that merges art and science to roast each batch of grains to its absolute peak flavor potential.

Small batches of green grains are loaded into the Javabot’s rotating drums. The temperature and rotation speed are constantly adjusted during toasting, allowing precise control over every aspect of the process.

Sensors track changes in each bean’s density, moisture content, and temperature to create the optimal roast. No two batches come out exactly the same, because the Javabot makes subtle adaptations to highlight the best qualities of each coffee’s unique terroir and varietal.

This scientific precision toasting takes all the guesswork out of toasting. But they haven’t abandoned the artistic human touch either. Their roast masters keep a close eye on each batch, making adjustments along the way to perfect the roast.

It’s this harmonious synergy of technology and human skill that allows The Roasting Plant to create exceptionally consistent and flavorful coffees.

Sourcing Top Specialty Coffee Beans from Around the World

In order to create such standout roasts, The Roasting Plant sources the very best green caffeine grains they can find.

They establish direct partnerships with specialty growers from top coffee-producing countries like Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. By working closely with farmers, they ensure the grains meet their high standards through every step of cultivation and processing.

The Roasting Plant favors high-altitude Arabica caffeine varietals known for their complex flavors and aromas. Some of my favorite offerings have been their single-origin Colombian Huila and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – intensely fruit-forward coffees that make for a bright, vibrant cup.

Their grains are carefully shipped to their New York headquarters, where the toasting magic happens.

Roasting in Small Batches to Maximize Flavor

Many commercial caffeine roasters process grains in large batches for efficiency. But this often means sacrificing some of the nuances of flavor. The Roasting Plant understands that quality trumps quantity when it comes to toasting. That’s why they roast grains in small, 11-pound batches. This preserves each coffee’s distinctive characteristics and allows meticulous fine-tuning of the roast profile.

The grains progress through several rotating drums as they roast, allowing the heat to develop evenly throughout each bean. Batches are kept separate from start to finish, unlike large-scale operations where different grains often intermingle. The Javabot can even replicate specific roast profiles to produce consistent results with each batch.

All that care translates into an intricacy of flavor you can taste in every sip.

A Range of Roasts and Blends for All Palates

The Roasting Plant offers an extensive selection of single-origin coffees and proprietary blends to suit any taste. As a long-time caffeine lover, I appreciate how carefully crafted each blend is to achieve a specific flavor balance. They offer light, medium, and dark roasts to appeal to the entire spectrum of caffeine drinkers.

For those who enjoy fruity and floral coffees, their lightly roasted offerings like the Ethiopian Kochere are ideal. The medium roasts like their popular Rainforest Blend strike a perfect balance of sweetness and body. Dark roast aficionados will love the intense, chocolatey flavors of blends like their Black Cat Espresso.

Beyond nailing the fundamentals, The Roasting Plant also has fun with experimental small-batch blends. Their creative combinations showcase how skilled they are at blending coffees to create complex new flavor experiences.

The Cafe Experience – Coffee Theater at its Best

In addition to its toasting facility, The Roasting Plant operates a handful of specialty caffeine shops in New York City and beyond. Stepping into one of their cafes truly immerses you in their passion for coffee. Their locations feel more like showrooms for their coffees than ordinary shops.

Many seating areas surround centralized brewing bars, where you can watch baristas prepare your order on their state-of-the-art equipment. It’s caffeine theater at its best! The brewing methods are tailored to each specific caffeine to optimally extract flavors and aromas. You can see and smell the fruits of their meticulous toasting process in every cup.

Beyond the caffeine itself, I love the upscale yet welcoming vibe of their cafes. Their locations feature lofty, light-filled interiors mixing industrial and natural materials. It’s a hip space to meet up with friends or have an informal business meeting over exceptional coffee.

The baristas are always friendly and eager to talk caffeine too!

The Cafe Experience - Coffee Theater at its Best

Taking Coffee to New Heights in London

In 2012, The Roasting Plant opened their first international location in the heart of London in the Selfridges department store.

This marked an exciting expansion of their caffeine innovation beyond New York’s shores. Their first London outpost featured a glitzy map of the city, with lights indicating each neighborhood where the daily caffeine grains were sourced from.

Since then, they’ve expanded to other London hot spots like the bustling Borough Market area. Here they operate a caffeine roastery and tasting room, where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at their roastery magic.

Visitors can learn about sourcing, toasting, brewing and of course sample their amazing coffees. Their growth in London is thanks to the support of enthusiastic caffeine lovers thirsty for the quality they provide.

What Do Customers Love About Roasting Plant Coffee?

Whenever I’m in one of The Roasting Plant’s shops, I like to ask fellow customers what brings them in and what they enjoy about the brand. Here are some of the common sentiments I’ve heard that speak to what makes their caffeine so special:

  • “I come because of the amazing aroma of freshly roasted coffee when you walk in. It instantly makes me crave a cup!”
  • “I love how knowledgeable the baristas here are. They can tell you so much about the origins and toasting process behind each coffee.”
  • “Their single-origin coffees really showcase how flavors can differ depending on the origin and varietal. Drinking them is a great education in coffee.”
  • “The customized toasting they do means every cup is optimized for the best and most consistent flavor. You can really taste the quality.”
  • “The variety of roasts and blends means there’s something here for every coffee lover. I always look for new ones I like.”
  • “They really perfected the science behind toasting specialty coffee. This is the best coffee I can look for in New York, hands down!”

It’s this passion for quality coffee that has made The Roasting Plant a favorite of discerning coffee fans like myself in New York City and now London too. Their innovation has helped advance specialty coffee as a whole.

Why I’m so Passionate About Roasting Plant Coffee

As I’ve shared here, I’m truly passionate about The Roasting Plant and what it offers the specialty coffee world. Here’s a bit more on why I’m such a huge fan of this brand:

  • Next-Level Roasting – Their patented Javabot roasters are the most advanced I’ve seen for enhancing coffee flavor through roasting. They allow a level of precision and quality control that’s unmatched.
  • Flavor Complexity – Every batch they roast highlights the nuances of each coffee and brings out amazing sweetness and flavor depth.
  • Cafe Experience – The shops are modern coffee meccas engineered to highlight their dedication to quality and education.
  • Innovation – They approach coffee with an innovative mindset, from bean to toasting to brewing. It shows in the cup.
  • Passion – You can sense their passion for the craft in everything they do. They truly want to share great coffee with the world.
  • Consistency – Their toasting tech ensures every cup of the same coffee will taste just as amazing as the last.

The Roasting Plant embodies everything I love and look for in a coffee company. While still small, I hope they continue to expand and spread their coffee perfection far and wide. They truly deserve a place among the best coffee companies in the world.

Why I'm so Passionate About Roasting Plant Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

They currently have locations in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and in the Borough Market area of London, UK.

They have a wide range of single-origin coffees and proprietary blends, available across light, medium, and dark roast styles.

Yes, you can order beans, grounds, and K-cup pods from their website to be shipped anywhere in the US.

Excellent! Their baristas are highly skilled. And their Black Cat espresso blend creates rich, chocolatey espresso drinks.

Locations have a selection of fresh pastries, breakfast items, and lunch foods like paninis to complement their coffee.


For a coffee lover like myself who’s tried roasts from across the globe, The Roasting Plant stands out as an innovator who’s perfected the craft. Their unique technology and unwavering commitment to quality take coffee toasting to new heights.

I’m always impressed by the complex flavors and aromas they’re able to create by toasting each small batch to its peak potential. Their cafes provide the full experience – you can see, smell, learn about, and of course, taste the fruits of their caffeine labor of love.

If you’re looking for a truly memorable caffeine experience on your next visit to New York or London, I can’t recommend stopping into a Roasting Plant location enough. You’ll never want to get your daily cup anywhere else again!

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