As a long-time LA resident and coffee enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of the city’s exceptional local coffee roasters over the years. Freshly roasted, artisan coffee can truly make your day, and LA has no shortage of top-notch roasters crafting amazing blends and single origin beans.

Below I’ve outlined my picks for the top 8 local coffee roasters Los Angeles that you absolutely must try. From historic favorites to new players, these roasters offer an incredible diversity of flavors, infuse methods, and café experiences unlike any you’ll find at big chain coffee shops.

The coffee community in Los Angeles is thriving with specialty coffee shops offering a wide variety of single-origin coffee beans. One popular option is the dark roast from Guatemala, which is sought after for its unique flavor profile. The bean roasting process is a delicate art, where coffee beans transform into the aromatic brew we all love.

Canyon Coffee, founded by Michelle La, sources their beans from around the world and focuses on highlighting the nuances of each single-origin coffee. With locations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, their coffee is brewed with precision and passion using joules and watts to ensure the perfect cup every time.


  • LA has a thriving artisan coffee culture with many local artisan to explore
  • Top picks include Coffe Luxxe, Groundwork, G&B Coffee, Go Get Em Tiger, Cognoscenti Coffee, Bar Nine, Blue Bottle, and Café Demitasse
  • Each roaster has different flavor profiles, infuse methods, and café environments to enjoy
  • Supporting local roasters keeps money in the community and leads to fresh, sustainable coffee

Whether you prefer light, fruity beans or rich, chocolatey espresso, the local LA coffee scene has something for all tastes. Read on for the inside scoop on the top 8 coffee roasters that are fueling LA residents each morning.

If you’re looking for the best coffee in Los Angeles, look no further than Patria Coffee. Their beans are sourced directly from Colombia, ensuring the highest quality and flavor. With multiple shops in Los Angeles, including Atwater Village and the Farmers Market, you can easily get your fix.

Max Gualtieri and Yeekai Lim, the founders of Patria Coffee, are dedicated to providing an exceptional coffee experience. Whether you’re in Malibu Village or sipping a cup at home with their bag of coffee, Patria is the go-to for coffee enthusiasts in LA.

Top 8 Local Coffee Roasters Los Angeles

Geoffrey Martinez, a skilled barista at Forge Coffee in Los Angeles, takes great pride in the roasting process. With beans sourced from various regions and specifically Rose Park, the coffee is roasted to perfection. House Roots Coffee is Martinez’s favorite, exemplifying the high quality of coffee available in Los Angeles through expert roasting.

Los Angeles is well-known for its popular coffee scene, and there are plenty of local coffee roasters that contribute to its fame. Roasting coffee in Los Angeles has been a long-standing tradition, with many coffee roasters serving up a variety of coffee blends. One of the standout roasters in the city is Common Room Roasters, which has been roasting coffee in Los Angeles coffee since 2012.

They are dedicated to sourcing high-quality beans and crafting unique and flavorful blends. With so many coffee roasters in Los Angeles, locals and visitors alike have a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to indulging in a delicious cup of joe. 

Coffe Luxxe

Location: Multiple locations across LA

Coffe Luxxe is my personal favorite LA coffee roaster, solely focused on producing the highest quality coffee possible. Their Santa Monica flagship café smells heavenly, with rows of beans being roasted fresh throughout the day.

Coffe Luxxe

Luxxe meticulously sources only the top 1% of Arabica coffee from around the world, then custom roasts each origin to accentuate its unique characteristics. Their “Cold Pressure” slow cold infuse method is particularly exceptional.

With its dedicataion to the entire coffee experience from start to finish, Luxxe infuses some of the most balanced, complex, and memorable cups in LA.

Groundwork Coffee Co.

Location: Multiple locations across LA

Founded in 1990 in Venice Beach, Groundwork Coffee has grown to become one of the most respected local roasters in LA. They still roast coffee fresh daily in small batches at their roasting headquarters in Culver City.

Groundwork offers direct trade, organic certified coffees with an emphasis on sustainability. Flavor profiles range from chocolatey to fruity, making their blends complex and approachable.

In addition to great coffee, Groundwork’s cafés have an urban industrial feel that fosters creativity and community. It’s the perfect neighborhood spot to get work done. When it comes to coffee, the top local roasters in our city consistently deliver exceptional quality and flavor.

Groundwork Coffee Co. is one of the best coffee roasters in Los Angeles and Orange County. They roast their beans to perfection, ensuring a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. Groundwork not only serves brewed coffee, but also offers a variety of coffee drinks to cater to all coffee drinkers. They are committed to supporting local companies and source their beans from Trystero Coffee and City Bean. With their top-notch Probate roasters, Groundwork allows coffee lovers to enjoy the same quality coffee at home.

G&B Coffee

Location: Grand Central Market Downtown

The husband and wife team behind G&B Coffee focus obsessively on sourcing, roasting, and infusing world-class coffee. They’ve won numerous awards for their work, including the Best of Los Angeles from Los Angeles Magazine in 2019.

G&B Coffee

G&B is located in bustling Grand Central Market, where they serve up flawless cappuccinos, creamy lattes, and bold black coffee.

Their rotating single origin coffees showcase flavors like brown sugar, nectarine, and cocoa. If you want a premium coffee experience downtown, G&B is a must-visit. For the best results in preserving flavor and aroma, follow these essential tips for cooling coffee beans after roasting.

Go Get Em Tiger

Location: Multiple locations across LA

Go Get Em Tiger has some of the trendiest cafes in LA, while still staying dedicated to their craft. Their welcoming shops have a neighborhood feel augmented by excellent coffee and food.

Their exceptional cold infuse coffee is not to be missed on a hot LA day. For espresso drinks, Go Get Em Tiger pulls shots “naked” without the portafilter for fullest flavor.

Whether you need a caffeine boost or a place to be productive, Go Get Em Tiger hits the spot with its relaxed SoCal vibe and top-quality drinks.

Cognoscenti Caffe

Location: Downtown LA

Cognoscenti keeps things simple, focused entirely on sourcing and roasting extraordinary coffee beans to highlight their inherent qualities.

Cognoscenti Caffe

Their uniquely light and bright espresso comes from a custom-built roaster made specifically for their delicate infusing style.

Located downtown in a minimalist tasting room, Cognoscenti offers an education in the nuances of single origin coffee from passionate baristas. Stop by for a profound coffee experience.

Bar Nine Coffee

Location: North Hollywood Arts District

Bar Nine takes an innovative, scientific approach to producing the perfect cup of coffee. They experiment with variables like infusing water quality, grind size, and extraction yield to optimize flavor.

The café itself has a modern, tranquil aesthetic great for remote work. Enjoy expertly brewed coffee flights showcasing tasting notes like fig, strawberry, and cocoa.

For those serious about flavor complexity, Bar Nine consistently delivers quality and innovation.

Exploring Heartwood Coffee is like embarking on a flavorful journey through their carefully roasted beans and unique blends.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Location: Multiple locations across LA

Blue Bottle has expanded beyond its San Francisco roots to open several acclaimed LA cafes. Their Venice location is a favorite neighborhood spot.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle pays meticulous attention to the bean selection, roasting, and infusing process for outstanding coffee every time. Sourced from top growers around the world, their single origin coffees make flavor exploration a joy.

Their signature New Orleans-style iced coffee, intense espresso drinks, and engaging baristas keep customers coming back.

Café Demitasse

Location: Little Tokyo

Café Demitasse in Little Tokyo has raised the bar for coffee quality since opening in 2008. Their welcoming café offers remarkable cups of award-winning coffee.

All their coffees are roasted in-house to bring out tantalizing notes like lemon meringue, dark cherry, and candied almond. They also have tasty café food like waffles, avocado toast, and more.

For a friendly neighborhood vibe and tremendous coffee drinks, Cafe Demitasse is a beloved local favorite.

Café Demitasse is a popular coffee spot in Los Angeles. They have a wide variety of roast options and use high-quality, single-origin beans. Their beans are roasted in-house using a probat roaster to ensure freshness and flavor. They offer different types of coffee, including their signature Goodboybob blend. With locations in the San Fernando Valley and one in Culver City, Café Demitasse is known for serving some of the best coffee in Los Angeles since their opening. Grab a bag of beans and enjoy your coffee at home or stop by their cozy café for a delicious cup.

Frequently Asked Questions About LA Coffee Roasters

The abundance of talented local roasters focused on quality, sustainability, and community gives LA a dynamic, passionate coffee culture like nowhere else.

For flawless espresso, check out Caffe Luxxe, Cognoscenti Coffee, Go Get Em Tiger, and Cafe Demitasse.

Caffe Luxxe, Go Get Em Tiger, Groundwork, and Blue Bottle all serve incredible cold infuse coffee.

All of the roasters on this list sell beans you can take home to enjoy. Bar Nine even offers subscription services.

Groundwork, Go Get Em Tiger, and Bar Nine have great workspaces to set up with your laptop and get things done over coffee.


LA is truly a coffee lover’s paradise, thanks to the passionate local roasters elevating the coffee experience. From long-time favorites like Caffe Luxxe and Groundwork to innovative new players like Cognoscenti and Bar Nine, LA has no shortage of exceptional roasters to explore.

Wherever you go, you’ll find dedication to quality, community, and sustainability along with delicious cups of joe. Support the top local roasters on this list, and let the LA coffee culture perk up your days.

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