Coffee lovers rejoice! Lamplighter Coffee Roasters is the go-to spot for high quality, freshly roasted coffee beans and expertly crafted espresso drinks in the city. As a long-time barista and coffee enthusiast in the area, I wanted to share an in-depth look at why Lamplighter Coffee has developed such a loyal following over the years. From their commitment to quality and ethical sourcing to their cozy coffee atmosphere, read on to learn all about this beloved local roaster.

I visited a little plant-based coffee in Richmond called 116, and it was a great experience. The shop looked amazing with beautifully decorated walls and cozy seating. I decided to order a lavender latte, which turned out to be delicious. The friendly staff made the whole experience even better. After enjoying the lavender latte, I decided to order a cold brew to-go.

The cafe had a great selection of vegan treats and drinks, all made with love and care. Overall, my visit to 116 in Richmond was delightful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for delicious vegan options. Mastering the roasting coffee bean rules is essential for achieving that perfect cup of coffee every time.


  • Lamplighter Coffee Roasters has been grilling and brewing coffee in the city since 2009
  • They are dedicated to sourcing high quality, ethical coffee beans from around the world
  • Their skilled team of baristas crafts incredible espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and more
  • Beyond the drinks, Lamplighter offers fresh roasted coffee beans to brew at home
  • The cozy coffee has a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere for studying, meetings, or catching up with friends
  • Lamplighter engages with the community through coffee classes, public tastings, and charity fundraisers

Quality lamplighter coffee roasters Coffee

As a barista with over 15 years of experience, I appreciate Lamplighter’s passion and dedication when it comes to coffee quality. From bean to cup, each step is carefully executed.

Lamplighter works directly with specialty coffee growers and importers to source the highest quality coffee beans. They establish long-term relationships with farmers across the globe, visiting their farms and cooperatives to understand cultivation methods. This commitment to the origins and ethics behind each coffee is remarkable.

Once green coffee beans arrive to their roastery, Lamplighter’s talented team conducts tastings and determines the optimal roast profile to highlight the distinctive flavors of each coffee. They roast beans in smaller batches using state-of-the-art equipment to perfect the timing and temperature of the roast. Understanding the impact of moisture loss in roasting is crucial for achieving the desired flavor and aroma in your coffee beans.

The skilled baristas know how to expertly pull espresso shots, steam milk, and craft beverages. Their attention to detail and coffee knowledge is evident in every drink they serve. It’s no wonder Lamplighter has developed such a loyal coffee following.

Brewing Methods for All Preferences

Lamplighter doesn’t just excel at espresso drinks – they also provide a wide range of manual brewing methods to suit any taste. Customers can savor pour overs, cold brew, French press, and more.

Some customer favorites include:

  • Pour over: This manual drip brewing method allows tasting the subtle flavors of single origin coffees. The baristas control factors like water temperature, bloom time, and pouring technique for a clean, bright cup.
  • Cold brew: Lamplighter cold brews organic coffee beans for over 12 hours, resulting in a smooth, low-acid cold coffee concentrate. Customers can enjoy it straight over ice or mixed with milk or cream.
  • French press: The French press immersion brewing technique steeps coffee grounds directly in hot water for a robust, full-bodied flavor.
Brewing Methods for All Preferences

Whether you prefer the clarity of filter coffee or the boldness of an immersion brew, Lamplighter has a brewing method you’ll love. Their extensive coffee knowledge helps customers discover new coffees and preparations perfectly matched to their tastes.

I was in Richmond, US, exploring the neighborhood and stumbled upon a popular restaurant on 116 S Addison St. As I entered, the menu caught my eye, and I quickly decided to order a cold brew coffee. The coffee shop looked amazing with its cozy ambiance. I couldn’t resist the temptation to savor the rich flavors of the cold brew and I was not disappointed. It was the perfect choice for a refreshing drink on a warm day.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans to Brew at Home

While the coffee drinks served in-house are outstanding, Lamplighter lets customers take home freshly roasted coffee beans to brew at home. They provide a wide selection of single origin and blended coffees to suit all preferences.

Some customer favorites include:

  • Big Dipper Blend: A medium roast blend of Central and South American beans, nicely balanced with notes of milk chocolate, toasted nuts, and layered sweetness.
  • Sunshine State Blend: This bright, citrusy blend combines Brazilian and Ethiopian beans for a juicy, fruity flavor profile. It’s perfect for cold brew.
  • Guatemala Xela: A single origin, fully washed Guatemalan coffee grown at high altitudes. It has a vibrant acidity with floral and stone fruit notes.

Lamplighter roasts beans weekly and their inventory is constantly changing. Customers can pre-order beans online or visit the cafe to discover new arrivals. The passionate team loves providing brewing tips and pairing customers with the perfect coffee for their preferences.

If you’re looking for a place to sit and have coffee or grab a fast bite, check out this casual and decorated coffee. With ample space, you can relax and enjoy your cold brew coffee or try other coffee options as well. The service is top-notch, and the coffee is sourced from the popular Lamplighter Coffee. This place is always buzzing with activity and a perfect spot to unwind.

A Cozy Cafe for Gathering

In addition to phenomenal coffee, the atmosphere at Lamplighter’s coffee invites customers to slow down and savor the experience. The minimalist, modern space has an open, airy feel with thoughtful design touches. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, getting some work done on your laptop, or reading in a cozy chair near the window, it’s an uplifting space.

The location has outdoor patio seating for enjoying coffee and sunshine when the weather is nice. Watching the baristas and roasting team work their magic behind the counter is captivating. There’s an unmistakable passion that goes into everything they do.

A Cozy Cafe for Gathering

Lamplighter engages with the local community in many ways. They host free public coffee tastings and cuppings where customers can learn about different coffee varietals and roasts. Seasonal coffee and craft classes provide hands-on education for home brewing. They raise money for various local charities through coffee sales and donations.

I walked into the beautifully decorated and ample place on the corner across the street. As I approached the counter, I couldn’t resist ordering a flavorful bagel and also ordered pumpkin bread. The aroma in the café was delightful, and the collection of baked goods was impressive, including a variety of pastries and bread. I couldn’t wait to enjoy my treats in this cozy, inviting establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lamplighter’s hours?

Lamplighter is open Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8am to 4pm.

Does Lamplighter serve food?

While Lamplighter focuses on coffee, they do offer fresh pastries, baked goods, and breakfast items from local purveyors. The menu changes seasonally.

What payment methods does Lamplighter accept?

Lamplighter accepts all major credit cards, Google/Apple Pay, and cash. At this time they do not accept cryptocurrency payments.

How can I order beans online?

You can pre-order beans through Lamplighter’s online shop at Beans can be picked up in-store or local delivery may be available for an additional fee.

Does Lamplighter accommodate dairy-free milk alternatives?

Yes, Lamplighter has a variety of dairy-free milk options including oat, almond, coconut, and soy milk. Just let your barista know your preference.


As a long-time barista in the city, I’m delighted to have Lamplighter Coffee Roasters contributing their passion and expertise to the local coffee scene. They truly bring the bean to cup journey full circle.

From ethical sourcing to tailored roasting profiles that highlight distinctive flavors, Lamplighter pours care into every step. Their baristas elevate drinks to an artform. And they generously share their coffee knowledge with the community through classes and tastings.

Whether you savor the nuanced flavors of a single origin pour-over or enjoy a creamy vanilla latte, Lamplighter provides a world-class yet welcoming coffee experience. Stop by their cozy cafe for a cup of your new favorite coffee.

While exploring Richmond, we stumbled upon a cute little sandwich shop. The place had great reviews, so we decided to give it a try. Inside, the atmosphere was cozy and quick, perfect for a quick lunch. After browsing the menu, I finally decided to order their famous sandwich and also added a cold brew to my order. The food was flavorful, and I snapped a quick photo to remember the experience. Overall, it was a bit of a hidden gem, but definitely worth the find in Richmond.

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